Welcome to my jewellery store!

From a very young age I have been obsessed with pretty, shiny, sparkly things. My dad used to take me into jewellery stores to admire the Swarovski Crystal displays. Then one day, when I was five, I came home to find a crystal of my very own hanging in my bedroom window! With thrilled delight I spent the rest of the afternoon rushing around the neighbourhood telling anyone I could that I had a diamond hanging in my window. Dad did try to explain the difference, but that took a few more years to really understand *lol*. This encouraged a fascination with geology, helped in part by living in NZ where the land is heavily seismically influenced. It fascinated me to understand just how crystals ‘grew’ and from what.

Jewellery creating began recently, with a change in job roles, from a fairly low-key front of house position, to Publishing Manager. My stress levels shot up (in a good way) and I needed a way to relax but found I couldn’t simply sit and watch TV without feeling like I should be doing something… anything! Which is what led me down the path of wire wrapped jewellery. Now, when I get a chance, I love sitting down with my tool chest, putting on a favourite show or new documentary, and relaxing as I slowly and carefully construct beautiful pieces from wire and stone.